Reinhard Schnettler
Dr. Reinhard Schnettler
P.O. Box 4308
59737 Arnsberg

Phone: 02932 51477
Fax: 02932 51674

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  • Pharmacist for Applied and Theoretical Training

Professional experiences

Reinhard Schnettler is Pharmacist. He was responsible in several companies for organisation and implementation of seminars, conferences and trainings. He established his own company PTS in 1991, which develops and offers professional training courses concerning GMP Good Manufacturing Practice.
In addition to these open seminars, also in-house-trainings are organized for major German, Swiss and Austrian companies.

Own company

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PTS Training Service was established in 1991 by Reinhard Schnettler.

The main competence of this company is: Conferences, seminars and trainings in GMP Good Manufacturing Practice, GCP Good Clinical Practice, GLP Good Laboratory Practice

Every year we are offering over 100 events for the pharmaceutical, API Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient and Medical Devices Industry.

PTS has the approval as a trainings enter according to special law in Germany.

Quality according ISO 9001
The Quality Management System is applicable to: Planning and organisation of trainings, seminars and the involved consulting services.

PTS Training Service has special conferences, seminars and trainings for pharmaceutical, API Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient and Medical Devices companies and their suppliers.

Our topics are: Production, Laboratory, Engineering, Research and Development, Quality Management, Good Laboratory Practice, Good Clinical Practice, Regulatory Affairs, Information Technology, Medical Devices, API Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient and Excipients. This topics are divided in the categories: Basic training, Conferences, Seminars and Expert training

Typical projects

PTSsmart: GMP Training smart and excellent!

PTS Inhouse-Trainings
PTS offers these special training schedule:
- GMP-Training for executive level
- GMP-Training for the management level

practice and plant tours
In addition to the theoretical trainings plant tours are included. For example: Bayer, Boehringer Ingelheim, Catalent, Evonik, Novartis, F. Hoffmann La Roche AG .