Dr. Jörg Neumann
Leipziger Straße 15
D-35274 Kirchhain, Germany

Phone: +49-6422-8097655
Mobile: +49-172-6262828

email: office(at)jncoach.de
Internet: www.jncoach.de

Other: Member of dvct and DGTA



  • Coach (Systemic Coaching, Transactional Analysis)
  • Dr.rer.nat., certified Chemist

Professional experiences

  • Executive, Management and Team Coaching
  • Consulting, Execution of projects and audits related to QA/GMP
  • Head QA at Chiron/Novartis Vaccines, Marburg
  • Head Validation QA at Chiron Vaccines, Marburg
  • QA Contract Manufacturing for Novartis Vaccines sites
  • Global Head Bioanalytics/DMPK at Knoll/Abbott Laboratories
  • Head Development Analytics at Soliqs/Knoll

Own company

  • Individually tailored measures to assure long-lasting positive change
  • Proven competence and long experience in value based leadership
  • Proven competence and long experience in team development
  • Co-operation and sharing of experience in a coaching network and a consulting network
  • Strong education and continuous advanced training
  • Assurance of coaching quality by intervision and supervision

Individually tailored support of companies and individuals by
  • Solution oriented coaching for executives/managers and leadership teams
  • Team coaching and development
  • Systematic value based development of managers
  • Age diversity performance coaching to make use of opportunities from demographic changes
  • Consulting of pharmaceutical companies by development and execution of GMP/QA projects and initiatives

Typical projects

  • Executive and Management coaching in different branches of industry
  • Team development in an international pharmaceutical company
  • Support of a process transfer to a contract manufacturer for an international pharmaceutical company
  • Optimization of compliance and validation of cold chain distribution for an international pharmaceutical company
  • Validation of a computerized system for a medium size pharmaceutical company
  • GMP/QA trainings