What is CReMS-Pharma?

CReMS-Pharma is a network of independent specialists dedicated to one common goal: Provide a single source for comprehensive pharmaceutical services to the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Planning of clinical studies
  • Implementation of FDA compliant GMP – systems
  • Preparation and follow-up of authority inspections
  • Compiling and filing licensing applications fort he US, Europe and other countries
  • Implementation and improvement of robust and compliant pharmaco vigilance systems
  • Planning and execution of qualifications and validations
  • Planning and management of the construction of pharmaceutical facilities
  • Certification of medical devices
  • Planning and execution of tailored GXP-training courses
  • Coaching for individuals and teams
  • Support and accompany change processes
  • Providing. Implementation and validation of GMP-relevant software
  • Development and implementation of warehouse and logistic systems
  • Planning and implementation of marketing- und sales concepts
  • Strategic planning and execution of business development projects
  • Interims management

Our specialists have numerous years of expertise in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry. The do not only support your company in performing gap analysis and solution planning, the also feel responsible to implement the proposed solution. Even complex projects, where you might need specialists with different expertise could be provided by CReMS-Pharma. And finally, CReMS-Pharma provides all these services for without asking many different companies:

CReMS – One stop shopping for global pharma expertise